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What is it?


A new generation tag based on a micro-computer with sensors and a radio frequency interface.


What is it for?


Monitoring the temperature conditions which product undergo or in storage process.


Which questions does it answer?


How was the product kept during the whole logistic chain?

Did some particular event happen?

When did it happen?

What is the duration of the event?

Is serious temperature deviation happen?


How does Yulberg solution interface with the user?


Through commercially available handheld or fixed RFID readers. The Yulberg solution's output is made available through radio-frequency (RF) waves (13.56 MHz) and can be transferred to a commercial "RFID reader” compatible with the standard RFID ISO 15693. RFID uses radio-frequency waves to transfer data between a reader and smart active labels.

Most of the readers commercially available can process and show data on the display. However, in the case where more elaborated output format are required, data can be transferred to a commercial PC for further processing.

What are the main application fields?


By interrogating Yulberg's device, the end-user has access to two different kinds of information:

  • very accurate data logging which consists of a list of measures and corresponding times at which the measure was taken.
  • numbers of indicators which provide information on either the quality or the efficiency of the delivered goods.

The device finds immediate application in at least two wide areas:

  • Quality monitoring in transport and logistic operations.
  • Liability attribution in any multi-operator logistic process.

The following are examples of Yulberg solution possible market applications:

  • Fresh & frozen food.
  • Chemicals.
  • Cut flowers.
  • Medicals and pharmaceuticals.
  • Diagnostic reagents.
  • Fragile goods transport.
  • Building construction.


What is Yulberg solution typical life cycle?


  1. Yulberg's device, once delivered, can be stored in sleep-mode (before activation).
  2. Is applied and activated, via the RFID interface, at the end of the production line; sensors wake-up at a programmable rate.
  3. The device measures time and acquires data of exposure to the “environmental factors” with programmable frequency and performs a very accurate data logging. Acquired data can also be processed by a user-defined algorithm to generate indicators representing the product organic conditions.
  4. The end-user interrogates Yulberg's device with a compatible RFID ISO 15693 reader: the device provides indicators or more detailed information which allow the end-user to understand if the delivered goods have been kept under the prescribed conditions. Data can be downloaded at any time and displayed as graphs or look-up tables and they can be sent to central data base.
  5. Yulberg solution is disposable and can be thrown away at the end of the logistic chain.
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