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Yulberg YSens is a miniature device designed to monitor perishable industrial products or materials by recording and reporting the duration and intensity of exposure to heat. The device is an RFID smart label with the shape and the size of a credit card which can be applied to boxes and pallets of goods, to rounded surfaces, as well as put in the product itself.

Once applied to the monitored object, Yulberg YSens acquires data of exposure to heat, for the entire duration of the product life. Also it measures time with high accuracy and applies a time-stamp to each gathered data before storing it.

The device can be programmed with user-defined algorithms, that are specific to the monitored product or material. Through elaboration of raw data, Yulberg YSens is also able to produce synthetic indicators and visual graphs of the organic conditions and of the quality of the monitored product.

The thermal history of the monitored product is stored in the internal non volatile memory and can be read at any time during the device life cycle. Yulberg YSens responds to interrogations by readers compatible with the standard RF-ID ISO 15693 (13.56 MHz).



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