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"Yulberg Temperature Control" solution is a complete turn-key solution including:

• Semi-passive RF-ID tags with built-in temperature sensor, memory, microcontroller and battery.

• Customized and commercial readers.

• Application management software. Software consists of three parts: computer program for owner of the hardware and software package (the owner of the license), computer two programs for supplier of production and for recipient of production respectively.

Being equipped with a battery (semi-passive tags) and software configurable, Yulberg's tags need to be configured and activated to start operating correctly. Such operations are easily performed by using an ad-hoc application software which runs on PCs and notebooks and consists of a set of graphical user interfaces (GUI).


Through the GUI the user can trigger all the operations required to configure, activate, stop, restart and interrogate the tag.

Once the data from the data logging internal memory has been read, the application software offers utilities to off-line process the data itself. These include utilities to draw graphs, make statistics and save data in the form of encrypted data base structures.

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